Corporate Tax Avoidance Action Sought at EU Summit by David Cameron

EU leaders have been urged to help take action on extreme corporate tax avoidance schemes by large corporations at the latest EU summit. Although such practices are entirely legal in nature David Cameron is seeking to point out in Brussels that the judgements made by large corporations have a lasting impact on their own shareholders and society at large.

It is not a moralising situation but rather an opportunity for politicians and large multi-nationals to engage in conversation about how best to solve the current crisis and manage the issue into the future.

International ties have also been sighted as the way forward for the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy in particular. The G8 and EU should also report what tax is paid by companies according to Mr Cameron.

Overall a ‘sharing of information’ direction is what is being proposed with stronger connections between government and business across the EU.

Now that tax avoidance has become such a hot issue in terms of the practices of large-scale corporate tax planning it remains to be seen how effectively the new far-reaching ideas will work when put in place.

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