Tax rules are rules concerning how much tax you have to pay when you are in a specific income bracket and issues such as what are you tax allowances may be.


Football Agent Tax

Football clubs are increasingly under scrutiny for the paying arrangements to agents and the latest one in such trouble is a famous London club.

HMRC are currently looking into the financial affairs of 44 English league clubs, over 200

Tax Rules Shouldn’t be Changed

The CBI has stated that the government could do better to maintain solidity within the taxation structure by allowing current tax rules to remain in place for far longer, or even indefinitely.

However specific refinements could be implemented, as well

HMRC Loses Another Tribunal Case

HMRC acted in an “unconscionable manner” when dealing with a recent late Self Assessment filing penalty, according to Judge Geraint Jones QC.

In the case of Kathleen Lomas v HMRC, Lomas was sent a paper tax return, which she retuned

Rules to Change for Underpaid Tax

Taxpayers will no longer have underpayments written off for the reason that they had no reasonable way of knowing they had paid too little tax.

Last year 41,766 people had £54 million of underpaid National Insurance and Income Tax written

New Tax Penalties Come in to Force

Tax penalties – A new fining regime, charging up to £1,600 for late filing, will be implemented by HMRC on Friday 17, 2012.

As from previous years, the penalty for missing the Self Assessment deadline is £100. Now though, there

Tax Return Deadline Extended By Two Days

Tax return deadline, Edinburgh, January. Strike action at HMRC’s call centre on 31 January has prompted the tax authorities to effectively extend the Self Assessment deadline until midnight Thursday 2 February.

A statement on HMRC’s website said: “To make sure …

Offshore Bank Account Tax Disclosure

Offshore Bank Account Tax Disclosure is commonly understood to be a grey area in HMRC’s handling of people with offshore bank accounting. In 2007 the government won an appeal from Barclay’s Bank to stop HMRC accessing customer’s accounting. Many who …

Change to Pensions Rule Could Hit up to 4 million

As many as 4 million people could be affected by government plans to allow private sector final salary schemes to increase pension payments in line with consumer prices index (CPI), rather than the more generous retail prices index (RPI).

Pensions …

Prepare for Storm

Evidence is growing that the Revenue and Customs have spent much of the last two years retraining and reworking the relatively newly established partnership between the tax inspectors (properly trained and usually astute individuals) and their new found but generally …

The National Health Service

National Health Service and National Insurance issues discussed:

It needn’t take the recent emergence of the swine flu pandemic to make us all realise the importance of a robust and dependable National Health Service. Even those who pay the exorbitant …