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e realise that there are occasions when you just need help fast. Our aim is to get you to the right place ASAP so that you can avoid as much stress as possible. You may have a small issue to deal with or a gigantic tax mess. Whatever situation you are in it is solvable. We have identified the ‘panic areas’ many of our clients come to us with. However we don’t want to keep all this information to ourselves – we like to help as much as possible. Below there are quick links to help you get to the right place fast and find all the information you need at your fingertips.

I switched to Steedman & Company two years into running my own business. I liked their no-nonsense approach to tackling problems. They’ve been vital in turning my business into a success and are always one step ahead of me.

Stephen Mathieson Edinburgh

Tax Emergency Steedman Edinburgh UK

Pay SATR Bills

Pay all your self assessment tax bills online.

Pay Corporation Tax bills

Pay corporation tax bills by following the link.

Ways to Contact HMRC

Contact HMRC in various different ways.

COP 9 overview

Concerned about a Code of Practice 9 enquiry? Find out more.

Employee Benefit Trust

Read about Employee Benefit Trust settlements.

Unannounced Visits

What will happen if HMRC show up unannounced? Find out here.

Bankruptcy enquiry letters

HM Land Registry bankruptcy enquiry letter B10A.

Fraud Allegations

Fraud allegation letters and criminal investigation policies.

Loan Arrangements

If you’d like to know more about loan arrangements click below.