Global Mobility


t is becoming more commonplace for certain types of career, e.g. consultancy, to require individual and their families, to move around the world at short notice causing upheaval and disruption to both their practical lifestyle and their tax residency status.

Whilst global mobility undoubtably offers up opportunities in fast-moving sectors, an example being for people working with FinTech companies. FinTech developments mean that modern companies can spring up around the planet, requiring employees to work around the globe.

Something as simple as a moving date or a return trip home can have a major impact on an individual’s tax liability in the UK. Many of our recent tax investigation cases have involved individuals who have failed, either willingly or unknowingly, to keep on top of their tax responsibilities when moving around the world.

Our tax consultants can assist with non-residency issues, from detailing changes in responsibilities, advising on lifestyle alterations that affect tax status, calculating new potential tax liabilities, registering non-residency, declaring overseas income and gains in the correct manner, non-resident landlord applications and dual-residency tax returns.


We advise companies wishing to establish overseas operations, or overseas companies wishing to establish a UK operation, on all matters related to corporation tax status, payroll and VAT responsibilities, import and excise duties, permanent establishment and cross-border tax planning for groups of companies.


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We can help you get organised and stay on top of paperwork, whether you are a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company.

As a Company we have used Steedman and Company expert services on Tax an Accountancy since 1995. They have consistently provided us with a first class service in terms of tax advice; accountancy support and the preparation and delivery of our Company and Personal Accounts to a high level with the necessary personal approach to all issues requiring attention.

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