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elcome to the Help Hub. Simply have a look around this section for help with tax, accountancy, payroll and pensions, VAT, business support and technological assistance. When you’re busy running your business the last thing you need is a financial headache.

Fortunately our team is here to help. Take a quick look at all the ways we can help you. Below you will find an overview of all the most important topics so you can get off to a flying start.

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Tax Return Checklist

Find out the most important aspects of filling out your tax return.


A team of Ex-HMRC tax consultants are ready to help you.

HMRC Communications

Find out how to communicate with HMRC effectively.

Dos and Don’ts for Start Ups

A quick look at what and what not to do when starting up.

Know your Forms

An overview of HMRC’s multiple forms for all types of taxpayer.

IT Deck

Some quick tips about accounting software and how tech can help your business.

Business in England

An overview of some of the factors involved in carrying out business in England.

Business in Scotland

An overview of some of the important aspects of conducting business in Scotland.

Business in the UK

An overview of some of the common aspects of doing business in the UK.

Tax Emergency

A quick look at some resources that can assist you when it comes to getting fast help.