Crypto Currency Reporting and Taxation


s a member of industry trade body CryptoUK and an early adopter of crypto-asset financial reporting and tax compliance, we have developed a range of expertise and services available to help individuals and organisations meet their reporting requirements and compliance responsibilities.

A capital gains calculation on crypto transactions is no different to with any other financial asset, but the main challenge with crypto transactions can be sourcing and verifying the accuracy of the data from an extensive variety of sources, particularly in cases of high volume trading across multiple wallets.

Our specialist crypto accounting, tax advisory and consulting service can help you organise your transactions, apps, wallets, exchange accounts and data files into manageable connected systems and processes, and to understand tax implications of historic and future activity.

We advise on some of the more specialist areas of blockchain financial activity such as NFTs, Mining As a Service (MaaS), GameFi (Play to earn – e.g. Axie Infinity), tokenised employee remuneration, crypto-remunerated contractor Ltd companies and processing commercial crypto transactions via Xero into statutory accounts.

We work with traders, SMEs, trading and consulting companies, private equity funds, gamers and individual investors, as well as collaborating on various software projects; setting up systems, connecting wallets and exchanges to reporting tools, building bespoke data capture systems and configuring the end-to-end data flow processes through to accounting software such as Xero.

We are currently taking part in various legislative consultative meetings with CryptoUK feeding opinion into the FCA on proposed regulatory changes in the crypto sector.