FinTech Consultants


Fintech Consultant is broadly an individual who can help you discover business technology and establish technological systems so that they become part of your day to day business.

This could take the form of setting up streamlined digital banking systems, becoming aware of the intricacies of Making Tax Digital (MTD) and other aspects on FinTech.

See the 4 great tips below to get you started:

1. Speed up systems

Speed up your set up of new systems by employing the services of a FinTech consultant. A FinTech Consultant is usually someone who has very specific skills and experience and may be adept at implementing digital systems (such as MTD) into an existing business.

Essentially a FinTech Consultant is a normal business consultant with expertise in financial technology and someone who can help a business avoid some aspects of the steep learning curve that comes as standard within this area of finance.

2. Streamline banking

Some people ask – if FinTech Consultants are loosely specialists in FinTech as a whole does that mean there are FinTech Consultants who specialise in different areas of Fintech?

Yes. The term can mean anyone who is an expert in technology and how it is applied to common business practices. Therefore you could find a FinTech Consultant who is an expert in digital banking systems or somebody who is a specialist in computer software, or even someone who is an expert on sales systems.

Since the term is extensive, for our purposes we will briefly explore how FinTech consultants may be able to help businesses when it comes to tax and accountancy.

3. Cloud Accounting

A Financial Technology Consultant or, more specifically a FinTech Consultant with cloud accounting expertise (for our purposes) is someone who is aware of the existence of interconnected regulations affecting businesses who use technology in their operations and methods of using technology to drive business success.

4. Making Tax Digital (MTD)

At Steedman and Company we have a wealth of existing experience in helping businesses with accountancy, bookkeeping, payroll systems (such as Real Time PAYE), VAT and all aspects of tax.

Our accountants use digital systems in their own computer set ups and have experience of helping clients, especially start-ups, with installing the best new system to suit their business.

Talk to one of our FinTech consultants today for an overview of how FinTech and Making Tax Digital (MTD) can be applied to your business.

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