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Payroll Consultants

Payroll consultants are experts in the field of payroll which is an essential part of any business with employees. As well as having decades of experience conducting outsourced payroll operations for hundreds of clients, Steedman and Company also advise businesses on setting up the best kind of payroll system for them.

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Not everyone seeks help and that’s where a payroll consultant comes in. An expert payroll consultant who is up to date with the latest payroll practices (such as Real Time Information or RTI) can take a great deal of the work out of managing your employee pay. In fact it’s possible to conduct your business operations without ever having to deal with a payroll-related issue ever again.

What can a Payroll Consultant offer me?

Among the services a payroll consultant can offer are:

  • Bank details updates
  • Paying frequent wages to employees
  • Assistance with software usage
  • Noting staff hours
  • National Insurance (NI)
  • Holidays and sick leave
  • Implementing Real Time Information (RTI)
  • Adding new employees
  • Organising staff who start or leave your employment
  • Help with tax codes

OK, I'm thinking of hiring a Payroll Consultant

First of all you need to be thinking in terms of finding a company who are best placed to help your particular business run without any friction.

This could mean a local company, although this is not an absolute necessity. However, a local company may be more familiar with employment rules and regulations in your area.

A payroll consultant will allow you to focus more on your core business area and they may help to get everything up and running with great expediency.

Payroll consultants also often have in-depth knowledge of tax rules which are vulnerable to periodic changes.

What next?

If you’re at the stage of making a decision about whether to hire a payroll firm or not and you’ve decided to give it a go then Steedman and Company are a firm with decades of experience in this field.

You may be nervous about allowing an external company to handle your affairs and thinking of the cost implications but still feel that outsourcing your payroll is the best way forward.

Our friendly payroll team make it their business to make clients such as yourself feel at ease. We have many clients who have used our payroll services through incarnations of many different businesses as well as new clients who have only just started working with us.

To help you decide we have prepared an article about switching payroll providor and a payroll case study.

Whatever stage you are at we recommend coming in for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you with payroll.

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