Pensions Consultants


s an employer or an employee understanding your pension requirements is an essential part of financial planning for the future. It is all too common for individuals to neglect their pension needs which may explain the recent focus placed upon pensions systems such as Auto-enrolment. Getting to grips with pensions can be complicated which is why hiring a pensions consultant can be a very wise move.

I am an employer

Along with handling payroll for your employees it is essential to ensure your employees have the correct type of pension advice available to them.

When a new employee starts it is easier to manage their transition into your employment when you have already taken care of how your pension apparatus is set up.

A pensions consultant is well versed in setting up the best systems for your business which means you never need to devote your time to knowing all the intricacies of pensions, whilst still retaining a good overall understanding of how your pensions system operates.

I am an employee

Hiring a pensions consultant to advise you about your pension needs can be a wise move if your employer has only provided you with the basics.

There are many types of pension which can affect your retirement planning in a myriad of ways. Although state pensions and occupational pensions are the pensions most people think of when they hear the word ‘pension’, there are other types of pensions such as personal pensions which may suit your needs.

If you are self employed it can be especially beneficial to speak to a pensions consultant.

What next?

At Steedman and Company we have extensive experience of consulting with both employers and employees when it comes to pensions.

We are capable of offering the best tailored advice, whatever your sector so if you feel pensions advice is important to you we offer free pensions consultations.

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