HR Services

Staff contracts

Employer responsibilities are set out in your employment contract and need to cite specifics around duties, rights and responsibilities for both parties.  Its important to get this right from the start.  

Staff handbook

The bigger picture of your organisation, a staff handbook should be the go-to document for any employee and should set out all policies and company procedures as well as details on (nonspecific) job related information.

Disciplinary advice

Sometimes things go wrong and you may need to discipline an employee or in some cases you may wish to outsource the process altogether.  We provide support on a case by case basis and can either guide you through the process or carry it out on your behalf.


Interviewing for new employees can be difficult and time consuming especially if you haven’t carried out interviews before. We can provide interview skills training or conduct interview with you or on your behalf.  We can also help with drawing up job descriptions and adverts for recruitment 

Policies & procedures

Setting up your company with the appropriate policies and producers is important to ensure you are compliant with UK law.  We can offer you guidance on developing HR Policies and covering your legal requirements

*caveat within this section that we offer guidance in these areas only, and any legal concerns should be discussed with an appropriate legal representative.

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