Bitcoin Crypto Around World Guide Article Steedman

Jason Steedman recently contributed to the article ‘A guide to crypto taxes around the Western world‘ on

The in-depth article exploring the relationship between crypto currency

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Launch of the Steedman Entrepreneurial Hub Club Launch Event

Steedman and Company’s new initiative, launched on the 2nd of September sought to bring together entrepreneurs, investors and industry professionals.  

Steedman have been working on developing a circular

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Scottish Female Entrepreneurs Sponsored by Edinburgh-based Accountancy Firm Steedman

Steedman & Company Limited is sponsoring Sook Spaces in the new £1 billion St James Quarter until September 5.

The initiative, supported by Women’s Business Station helps local businesses

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Edinburgh Accounting Firms Agree Merge Operations Steedman Scotia Image

The deal will lead to the new business, which will trade under the Steedman name, increasing in size by about a quarter.

Scotia director Mark McLeod will join as manager of Steedman & Company bringing

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Steedman becomes member of CryptoUK

Article from Scottish Financial News

Edinburgh-based accountancy firm Steedman has added to its expertise in the blockchain and digital asset sphere by becoming

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Job Retention Scheme HMRC Steedman Scotland Featured Image

HMRC, entrusted with doling out the £27 billion worth of grants and funding under the Job Retention Scheme and Self-Employment Income Support Scheme are well placed to detect fraudulent claimants.

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My Pension Online Featured Image Steedman Edinburgh Accountant Image

We show you how to access and manage your pension online the quick and easy way in our straightforward infographic.

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HMRC Login Infographic Steedman Edinburgh Accountants

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is accessible via login – your own HMRC login area can be found from this screen. Find out more about how to login to HMRC in this post.

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The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) was set up in 2008 to facilitate auto-enrolment in the UK. Find out if a NEST pension is for you in our infographic.

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HMRC play the game of hide and seek using their Worldwide Disclosure Facility as overseas exercises gather pace.

Recent news stories about HMRC working with foreign tax authorities and my recent article

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