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Extra Penalties For Hiding Assets Offshore

At the moment those who fail to tell the taxman about inherited offshore assets are treated equally to those who fail to disclose domestic assets. However new penalties of up to 200% of tax due will be introduced in the

Banks Willing to Lend More to Small Firms

According to the BBA (British Banker’s Association) banks are ready to lend small businesses cash.

It has emerged during a recent campaign by the industry group to promote small business lending trends that the majority of loans are now being

Launching Own Business

New Business Start-up Packages

Starting your own business can be a daunting task. When the initial excitement passes and the reality of what you are taking on starts to hit home, it can be enough to put some people off

LIBOR and You

One of the highlights in the news this week has been the LIBOR rigging scandal, for which the part nationalised RBS has been forced to pay a £390m fine.

Have you seen it on the 6 o clock news and,

The Steedman Column – A Tax Stuffing

While Tracy Emin, one of the leading lights of the Brit-Art movement reportedly quit the country in early 2009, with the famous quote “Stuff your 50% tax, I’m taking my tent to France” and thousands of celebrities, footballers, and hedge

HMRC Reject Rangers CVA Proposal

HMRC stated today they would vote against the Glasgow Club’s Company Voluntary Arrangement.

Creditors of Rangers are due to meet on Thursday morning to vote on whether to accept an offer from the club to pay off part of their

Interest Rates Low

The surprise increase in inflation last month prompted some speculation that the Bank of England might raise interest rates as a way of curbing inflation.

But the bulk of thought is that there will be insufficient improvement in the UK

Bank Reforms to go Ahead

Bank reforms are to go ahead to prevent banks being bailed out in the future by the public purse.

George Osborne and Vince Cable will push ahead with the plans to separate high street lenders from “casino” investment banking.

Cable, …

Banks Urged to Draw Up Contingency Plans

Bank governor Sir Mervyn King says that banks need to brace themselves for an “extraordinary serious and threatening” economic situation.

The crisis in the eurozone is the biggest threat to the UK’s banking system, the Bank’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) …

UK Public Borrowing Lower Than Expected

The month of October saw the UK’s new borrowing fall to £6.5 billion, down from £7.7 billion the year before.

The borrowing was lower than expected as growth in tax revenue was greater than spending, with most economists having predicted …