In the UK the tax year is 6 April until 5 April. The deadline for SATRs (Self Assessment Tax Returns) is 31st January.


Boo! Don’t be spooked by Your Taxes this Halloween

We love the thrill of being scared and startled by ghosts, witches, and vampires, especially at Halloween. While many enjoy the fear and excitement associated with this horror-filled holiday, don’t let your taxes and financial future bring such a fright

Surprise July Deficit Comes as Blow to UK Government

The UK’s public sector recorded an unexpected deficit in July.

Public sector net borrowing totaled £62 million, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Even though the deficit was relatively low, it has been normal for July to be

Tax Returns Deadline Catch Up – 15th October 2013 Are you behind with your tax returns? Put it aside for a few years and not got round to dealing with it yet? Well, HMRC are offering a quick and

UPDATE 10/01/2020: As 2020 is a leap year the below information may be particularly useful to you.

Employers who pay their staff in a different fashion to the usual monthly payment – meaning those who pay weekly, fortnightly or four-weekly

Tax Return Deadline Catches Many as HMRC Now Issue Daily Fines

Tax Return deadline cut-off fines are likely to be issued by HMRC to between 500,000 to 1m late filers from today. £100 fines were already given to upwards of 800,000 self-assessment taxpayers who failed to submit their returns by the

Key Points Budget

Chancellor George Osborne has delivered his 2013 budget. Here are some of the key points.

Income Tax
• The tax free allowance to be raised to £10,000 in 2014, a year earlier than planned.

• Interest free loans up

The Big Tax Debate

The Big Tax Debate – Ricky Steedman on the panel at the Edinburgh University “Bollocks to Poverty Society” Big Tax Debate, 7th November 2012, The Teviot Dining Room.

I was asked to join the panel in this student debate on

New Tax Year to Herald a Number of Changes

New tax year – The beginning of the new tax year tomorrow will see significant changes to both tax and benefits in time in time for the beginning of the 2012/13 tax year.

One of the main changes will be

PAYE Year End to Change

The Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system is to change from an annual to a monthly system, in a step designed to make it easier to manage for employers.

Real Time Information (RTI) will be used to transmit information to …

PAYE Penalty Notices to be Sent In-Year

HMRC is planning to send penalty notices for late or missing monthly tax payments within the tax year as opposed to after April 19, which its current policy.

Many people have criticized the current regime for punishing employers by not …