Income taxes are the area of tax most people come into contact with on a regular basis. Usually it involves paying tax on money you earn from being employed.


Job Retention Scheme HMRC Steedman Scotland Featured Image

HMRC hunt down coronavirus claim cheats who are being given 30 days to “fess up”.

HMRC, entrusted with doling out the £27 billion worth of grants and funding under the Job Retention Scheme and Self-Employment Income Support Scheme are well …

Gig Economy

The gig economy probably existed before William Pitt introduced Income Tax in 1798 and gradually evolved from musicians travelling around doing gigs to the present day enigma termed ‘the gig economy’.

Now with The Revenue’s spyware and a record number

HMRC Property Voluntary Disclosure Campaign

If you have been renting out or have sold residential property in recent years and have not declared the income or capital gains to the taxman, there is an amnesty being run by HMRC – the Voluntary Disclosure Campaign – 

Tax on Employer Share Incentive Plans (SIP)

Many employees of publicly listed companies are given the option of obtaining shares in the company through a Share Incentive Plan (SIP). The employer would have a number of reasons for doing so, mainly to motivate the workforce by giving

Capital Allowances Tips

Even for a so called expert, filling out a tax return can be a confusing enough process, but the one section that often has everyone flummoxed is the capital allowances. Here are some simple pointers to explain the reason and

Tax Rules Shouldn’t be Changed

The CBI has stated that the government could do better to maintain solidity within the taxation structure by allowing current tax rules to remain in place for far longer, or even indefinitely.

However specific refinements could be implemented, as well

Extra Statutory Concession A19


xtra Statutory Concession A19 has been making headlines lately after HMRC recently campaigned to end ESC A19 altogether. The suggestion was to discontinue accepting situations where affairs weren’t in order for various reasons and where out of the ordinary

Wrong Tax Taken

Wrong tax – around 5 million people have either paid too much or too little tax, it has been revealed.

Approximately 3.5 million people will be notified they have overpaid their tax, with the average rebate being £379.

On top

Scale of Tax Avoidance Revealed

The degree of tax avoidance by the super rich has been revealed after figures released by the Treasury.

The findings show that nearly 1,000 British taxpayers who earn over £1 million per year are paying less than 30 percent of

Pension Reforms to Affect Public Sector

Public sector workers will have to work longer and pay more into their pension funds if they want to continue to receive better pensions than those in the private sector, the chief secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander has said.…