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Latest update: 1 June 2020

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Workplace Pension Automatic-Enrolment

You may or may not be aware that the law on workplace pension schemes has changed and the Automatic-Enrolment scheme, with which all employers must comply, is currently being rolled out across the UK. This is a new piece of

Pension Reforms to Affect Public Sector

Public sector workers will have to work longer and pay more into their pension funds if they want to continue to receive better pensions than those in the private sector, the chief secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander has said.…

UK Independent Auditors – Pensions Regulator

UK Independent Auditors are not obliged to tell pension scheme trustees about intricate details regarding their schemes. Savers are ultimately responsible for checking and reviewing their own statements and making sure that things are as they expect.

It is essential …

Retirement Age to be Axed

New legislation will be passed to prevent employers from being able to force staff to retire at the age of 65.

The move, which will commence in October, was declared as being “great news” for older people, the economy and …

Change to Pensions Rule Could Hit up to 4 million

As many as 4 million people could be affected by government plans to allow private sector final salary schemes to increase pension payments in line with consumer prices index (CPI), rather than the more generous retail prices index (RPI).

Pensions …

Pension Schemes to Become Compulsory

All UK businesses will have to offer company pension schemes by the year 2016, the government has agreed. They can either offer their own company scheme or enrol staff into the National Employment Savings Trust (Nest).

This will result in …

Pension Age May Rise to 72

A think tank has warned that the age people can claim the state pension has to rise to 72 if it is to be in line with the increase in life expectancy.

The Pension Policy Institute (PPI) said in the …