Tax reforms are alterations to the way taxes are handled by the government. Keeping up on tax reforms can be advantageous for your business.


The Big Tax Debate

The Big Tax Debate – Ricky Steedman on the panel at the Edinburgh University “Bollocks to Poverty Society” Big Tax Debate, 7th November 2012, The Teviot Dining Room.

I was asked to join the panel in this student debate on

New Tax Year to Herald a Number of Changes

New tax year – The beginning of the new tax year tomorrow will see significant changes to both tax and benefits in time in time for the beginning of the 2012/13 tax year.

One of the main changes will be

Cost of Tax Reforms

The government has not calculated how much money reforms to the personal tax system will cost, Exchequer secretary David Gauke has said.

The government is trying to help the public understand how the tax system works and allow taxpayers the …

Revenue and Customs Office faces MPs’ Backlash

Article about the backlash over MPs’ secret deals with bankers.

Australian MPs Pass Carbon Tax

So it has finally happened – Australia is taxing carbon. This article in the Guardian explores the implications and political fallout from the introduction of the carbon tax. Could it be copied by the UK government which would see a

Short Term Tax Cuts Ruled Out

Chancellor George Osborne has ruled out tax cuts until the government are in a position to do so, he told delegates at the Conservative Party conference.

He has been urged by the opposition to cut VAT and has been under …

Tax cuts impossible says Prime Minister

As the government presses ahead with its deficit reduction strategy, Prime Minister David Cameron has ruled out significant tax cuts.

He said that he wanted to offer people relief but said it would only be possible “at the end of …

Treasury Staff To Be Cut

The Treasury is planning to cut staff numbers by a quarter as the Chancellor George Osborne seeks to roll back his department in line with sweeping cuts across the board.

He wants to reduce Treasury staff members from 1350 to …

The Office of Tax Simplification Arrives

On July 20, the much heralded Office of Tax Simplification was launched. Its remit is to provide independent advice to the government on simplifying the UK tax system. It will be comprised of experts from across the tax and legal …