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FinTech is a rapidly expanding area of finance and technology hence the name FinTech. We are constantly increasing our own knowledge of FinTech and you can read about our take on the latest developments here.

You can talk to our FinTech consultants, ask us about digital banking, cutting-edge cloud accounting and how HMRC’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) can help you streamline your business operations to the max.

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FinTech Posts

Bitcoin Crypto Around World Guide Article Steedman

Jason Steedman recently contributed to the article ‘A guide to crypto taxes around the Western world‘ on

The in-depth article exploring the relationship between crypto currency

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Steedman becomes member of CryptoUK

Article from Scottish Financial News

Edinburgh-based accountancy firm Steedman has added to its expertise in the blockchain and digital asset sphere by becoming

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Building Blocks in the Digital Data Chain

Most people by now are aware of the existence and purpose of virtual currencies, or crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Developments in 2017

Bitcoin and Crypto-currency has come a long way since its inception eight years ago. Even for those aware of Bitcoin however there are many developments which, as a whole, can become somewhat confusing.

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Making Tax Digital

HMRC’s 'Making tax Digital' scheme will require compliance with a new, digitised scheme from 2019.

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Accountancy Software

The world of accountancy moves ever-forward. Even in light of major events – such as the recent snap general election – there is little time for those running businesses to stop and take stock.

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Sage Bookkeeping Software – iXBRL Change

Sage Book Keeping Software iXBRL which was about to be released has suffered a delay.

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