Tax evasion – a term for any person or organisation who purposefully decides not to pay any tax due.


COP9 Letter from HMRC

Evidence is mounting that HMRC may be planning a new Connect spyware assisted series of enquiries into individuals with large private wealth in the UK.

Individuals likely to be identified as tax evaders, are those living in areas with the

Extra Penalties For Hiding Assets Offshore

At the moment those who fail to tell the taxman about inherited offshore assets are treated equally to those who fail to disclose domestic assets. However new penalties of up to 200% of tax due will be introduced in the

UK Tax Evaders Targeted by G7

UK tax evaders have been warned that there is a combined effort aimed at them and other industrialised nations who are part of the G7 group. Tax evasion in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, France and Italy has been

To define ‘Due diligence’ a simple way of looking at it is investigating a business and its assets for an acquisition. The term can mean a legal process but often involves a voluntary investigation of the business for sale.


Top Ten Celebrity Tax Scandals

“Only the little people pay taxes” – Leona Helmsley

Whilst there are many more to choose from, these are some of the most high profile tax scandals we have seen and reflect a good range of circumstances, from crafty dealings

Tax Gap at £32 Billion

HMRC’s estimated tax gap for 2011/2012 has been stated as being £32 billion, up £1 billion from the previous year.

The tax gap is defined as the amount of tax that is due to the government that is not paid.

Tax Avoiders to be Named and Shamed

Wealthy people who use aggressive tax avoidance schemes will be “named and shamed” under plans by Treasury Minister David Gauke.

Companies that set up complicated tax schemes for clients could be fined if they fail to reveal those who are

New HM Revenue & Customs Task Forces to Tackle Tax Evaders

Public sector workers will have to work longer and pay more into their pension funds if they want to continue to receive better pensions than those in the private sector, the chief secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander has said.…

£900 Million Tax Crackdown Planned

£900 million will be spent by the Treasury in an attempt to clampdown on tax evasion, chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has revealed.

In a move that seeks determined action against tax evasion, the aim is for a …