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Tax on Employer Share Incentive Plans (SIP)

Many employees of publicly listed companies are given the option of obtaining shares in the company through a Share Incentive Plan (SIP). The employer would have a number of reasons for doing so, mainly to motivate the workforce by giving

Why have I received this letter? You will receive this tax calculations letter if HMRC think that you have underpaid or overpaid tax in a previous year.

In most cases the adjustment will relate to an incorrect tax code in

Tax Rules Shouldn’t be Changed

The CBI has stated that the government could do better to maintain solidity within the taxation structure by allowing current tax rules to remain in place for far longer, or even indefinitely.

However specific refinements could be implemented, as well

Creative Industries to be Given Tax Reliefs

Creative industries are to be given tax reliefs, the Treasury has announced.

It is hoped that this will make the UK more of a competitive location for the production of animation, video games and high budget television shows.

Currently, it

Advisors Favour General Tax Amnesty

Tax Amnesty – Advisors Favour General Tax Amnesty. A survey of nearly 100 accountancy firms has discovered that almost 80 percent of tax advisors favour a general disclosure facility for people to declare unpaid tax from the past.

HMRC has

HMRC Settlements

HMRC settlements – In the midst of public feeling that HMRC has had too cosy a relationship with large companies in relation to their tax settlements, new rules will be implemented in an attempt to make their dealings more transparent.

SME Lenders Urged to be Given Tax Breaks

Tax Breaks for private lenders and investors would make it easier for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to gain access to finance, the Forum for Private Business (FPB) has claimed.

The FPB wants the chancellor to give a tax break …

Research Development Image

HMRC Research and Development Tax Relief for Small Businesses – Find out more here.

A new service from HMRC to help small to medium enterprises claim tax relief for research and development has been declared a good idea by tax …

£100 million Tax Break Planned for Small Firms

Chancellor George Osborne is set to announce a £100 million tax break for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the UK’s fastest growing businesses.

He plans to raise income tax relief from 20 percent to 30 percent for Enterprise Investment

Craft Construction Opportunities – Help and Advice

Craft skills opportunities exist in the construction, engineering and arts job market

We investigate ways to take craft construction opportunities in the UK…

Are you good with your hands? Many people are and what’s more they find a tremendous satisfaction …