Craft Construction Opportunities – Help and Advice

Craft Construction Opportunities – Help and Advice

Craft skills opportunities exist in the construction, engineering and arts job market

We investigate ways to take craft construction opportunities in the UK…

Are you good with your hands? Many people are and what’s more they find a tremendous satisfaction and sense of accomplishment working in this way whether as part of a team restoring buildings, a sole trader selling hand-made items at a crafts market or an agency trading in creative ideas.

Here is a list of just some areas you could work in using your hands in the construction industry where many of the opportunities exist:

  • Mechanical fitting
  • Welding
  • Pipefitting
  • Marine fabrication
  • Steel erecting

What kind of specific skills do you need to do these kinds of roles? A good level of concentration, hand-to-eye coordination, ability to work as part of a team, an ability to understand technical diagrams and a good deal of energy are usually required.

In the arts and crafts industry there are many directions to go in. Sometimes these careers can involve going to art college or a vocational training course but fortunately many can also be learned with a quick or long apprenticeship with a practicing professional in your area of interest or these careers can even be self-taught.

Here are some ideas:

  • Interior designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Jewellery designer
  • Visual artist – craft construction opportunities also exist here for people to build conceptual projects for other artists
  • Ceramic designer/maker
  • Architect

How would I operate a craft or construction business of my own?

Many people who work in the arts and crafts and creative industries choose to be self employed for a number of reasons. A lot of projects are one-off situations and therefore require freelancers so this can suit those who don’t like having a permanent boss and people who don’t like working in an office. In this case the most important consideration is to build up a portfolio not just of work but of contacts.

The people on your list are usually just like you and will be seeking your own skills to complement their own. The film and music industries are a good example of this where all projects are short-lived relatively speaking and many different skill sets are required for successful completion of projects.

We have a number of individuals and larger businesses who make a decent living from using their craft and construction skills across many fields and we are experts at handling the business administration side of those people’s enterprises. In the past crafts and artist skills were seen as trades and it can be like that today despite the drubbing that some modern art and conceptual arts and crafts get in the media. If it is what you enjoy you really should go for it because there is a living to be made and with a pragmatic approach and a team like Steedman and Company to handle your affairs you will be best placed to succeed and enjoy every moment of your career.

Find out about business research and advice now from our team of professionals and get started with your idea.

Craft Opportunities Resources

Here are some valuable resources for UK crafts and construction professionals:

Crafts Council

British Ceramic Federation

The Construction Industry Association

Glass Association

Arts Council England

Scottish Arts Council – not now updated but still has a lot of useful archive information

Creative Scotland

British Jeweler’s Association

So now you know about how to find craft construction opportunities in the UK and know what direction you want to go in ask us about how we can help you handle your business administration or give you some advice you get started – call us on 0845 340 4222 to make an appointment.

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