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HMRC Communications

HMRC communications are a necessary element when it comes to operating any successful business. In our guide below we highlight the most significant factors for when you need to interact with HMRC itself. Of course, if you use a tax agent it is possible to avoid directly dealing with HMRC. However you may still have reason to contact HMRC about certain issues. Simply use this guide which will help point you in the right direction and examine the resources available for further details.

Contact HMRC

At some point, when conducting your business operations, you will find yourself contacting HMRC for assistance. Find out how to easily contact HMRC in our guide.

Ready to save time contacting HMRC?

We'll show you how to contact HMRC with extreme ease.


At some point when operating your business you will find yourself making a payment to HMRC. We guide you through the process in a simple fashion here.

Need to pay HMRC in a hurry?

We'll show you how to make payments to HMRC with the upmost of ease here.

Choose a Tax Agent

If you're considering using a tax agent to deal with HMRC on your behalf be prepared with the facts. Our guide will explain how to choose the best agent for your needs.

Looking to hire the right tax agent?

You can find the right tax agent for you by being aware of these preliminary steps.

Shared Workspace

HMRC's 'Shared Workspace' service allows businesses (or tax agents appointed by a business) to streamline their communications with HMRC. 

Like to interact with HMRC with ease?

Save your time and energy by setting up shared access with our guide.

Trusted Helper

Not everyone can manage their own tax affairs. If you're taking charge of a friend or family member's tax for them we'll guide you through a few simple steps to take first.

Want to become a Trusted Helper?

First you will be required to go through a few steps.

Additional Needs

If you or someone you know has a disability HMRC helpfully offers a good range of accessibility options.

Can you help me gain access HMRC if I have a disibility?

Find out more about HMRC's accessibility tools in our straightforward guide.