Help section

How to contact HMRC

Below we have listed the best ways to get in touch with HMRC. If you would like to talk to one of our specialist tax advisors before contacting HMRC you can do so by hitting the Panic Button to the left of this text for more information or you can contact us here.

  • Self Assessment

    Find information on how to contact HMRC for general Self Assessment enquiries here

  • Tax Credits

    You can find out everything you need to know about tax credits here

  • Child Benefit

    Find contact information about all aspects of Child Benefit here

  • Income Tax Enquiries

    General enquiries about anything to do with income tax can be found here

  • National Insurance

    Get assistance with anything related to National Insurance here

  • Employers Tax Area

    If you are an employer find information about tax here

  • VAT

    For enquiries related to VAT click here

  • Construction Industry Scheme

    To enquire about the Construction Industry Scheme find details here

  • HMRC Online Services

    Everything about using HMRC’s online services can be located here

  • Spam Emails

    If you have received spam emails you can report them here

  • Other Services

    Find out about other HMRC services here

  • Complaints

    If you would like to complain to HMRC you can do so here