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Latest update: 28 May 2020

HMRCLogin Infographic Steedman Accountant Edinburgh

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Further info:

HMRC Login

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is accessible via login – your own HMRC login area can be found from this screen. As well as this infographic we have built an HMRC Communications help centre where you can find out everything you need to know about contacting HMRC. Simply click the links in the sidebar to go to the right area.

For many people the HMRC contact number is likely to be the default ‘go to’ option and, in many situations a quick call can be the fastest way to access HMRC customer service.

If you prefer to deal with HMRC online, depending on what you need to contact HMRC for you can access everything via the HMRC gateway. On the HMRC login screen you can sign in quickly and easily and register for your HMRC personal tax account if you’ve not already done so.

For many of the HM Revenue services you will need to verify your identity first via verify.

Your own HMRC login area

With your own HMRC personal tax account accessed via the HMRC sign in screen you can take care of your tax with ease. You can do everything from calculating your tax to discovering your tax code, taking care of your HMRC VAT affairs and applying for any tax refunds you may be due.

In fact contacting HMRC has never been easier with:

  • Phone (visit this page for the right HMRC contact phone number)
  • Chat – there is now an HMRC online chat function
  • Email – you can also find out how to email HMRC by clicking the ‘this page’ link above
  • Social meda – you can even now contact HMRC via Twitter @HMRCcustomers

Go your own way

Whatever method suits you best when contacting HMRC simply go with it. Taking care of areas such as your HMRC self assessment, family tax, VAT, PAYE, paying HMRC, corporation tax and many other services with your own HMRC login has never been easier!

If you’d like further help with anything we’ve left out in our infographic about how to login to HMRC simply contact us and we’ll quickly point you in the right direction.

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