Disclosure – This takes the form of three levels which are Disclosure, Co-operation and Size and Gravity. Read our posts to find out more.


HMRC Property Voluntary Disclosure Campaign

If you have been renting out or have sold residential property in recent years and have not declared the income or capital gains to the taxman, there is an amnesty being run by HMRC – the Voluntary Disclosure Campaign – 

Overseas Tax Minefield

If you are looking to expand your business overseas or just need help understanding the complex tax arrangements that apply to foreign income e.g. remittance basis, then you have come to the right place. Steedman & Company offer over 25

To define ‘Due diligence’ a simple way of looking at it is investigating a business and its assets for an acquisition. The term can mean a legal process but often involves a voluntary investigation of the business for sale.


HMRC Reject Rangers CVA Proposal

HMRC stated today they would vote against the Glasgow Club’s Company Voluntary Arrangement.

Creditors of Rangers are due to meet on Thursday morning to vote on whether to accept an offer from the club to pay off part of their

HMRC Settlements

HMRC settlements – In the midst of public feeling that HMRC has had too cosy a relationship with large companies in relation to their tax settlements, new rules will be implemented in an attempt to make their dealings more transparent.

New Tax Penalties Come in to Force

Tax penalties – A new fining regime, charging up to £1,600 for late filing, will be implemented by HMRC on Friday 17, 2012.

As from previous years, the penalty for missing the Self Assessment deadline is £100. Now though, there

HMRC Records Checks to Continue

HMRC records checks are to continue with their controversial business records checks (BRCs) after admitting they were reviewing the scheme following criticism that small companies were being unfairly targeted.

An HMRC statement said it will “examine whether the current approach …

HMRC Crackdown on the Fashion Industry

HMRC crackdown on the fashion industry – Read about it below in our article.

Fashion companies who use unpaid interns not being paid the national minimum wage will be targeted by HMRC.

A 12 person task force will make unannounced …

Offshore Bank Account Tax Disclosure

Offshore Bank Account Tax Disclosure is commonly understood to be a grey area in HMRC’s handling of people with offshore bank accounting. In 2007 the government won an appeal from Barclay’s Bank to stop HMRC accessing customer’s accounting. Many who …