Tax relief is usually a refund on your tax when payments that you’ve made throughout the tax year can be deducted from the tax you pay.


Buy to Lexit

The great British buy to let market has been a mainstay of middle class wealth for decades. It has been a safe haven for excess funds; an easy to understand, accessible, liquid asset class which has seen thousands build up

Why Keeping it in the Family is Sound Business

There are more than three million family businesses in Britain including household names such as Dyson, Clarks and Stagecoach according to the Institute for Family Business.

A recent poll undertaken by PwC showed that 63 per cent of those polled

Business Rates Rise of Increasing Concern

Rises to business rates are a major concern for small firms amidst changes to the tax system, a survey of the Forum of Private Business (FPB) has found.

Members of FPB were polled on the current Government’s changes to tax.

Creative Industries to be Given Tax Reliefs

Creative industries are to be given tax reliefs, the Treasury has announced.

It is hoped that this will make the UK more of a competitive location for the production of animation, video games and high budget television shows.

Currently, it

HMRC Settlements

HMRC settlements – In the midst of public feeling that HMRC has had too cosy a relationship with large companies in relation to their tax settlements, new rules will be implemented in an attempt to make their dealings more transparent.

SME Lenders Urged to be Given Tax Breaks

Tax Breaks for private lenders and investors would make it easier for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to gain access to finance, the Forum for Private Business (FPB) has claimed.

The FPB wants the chancellor to give a tax break …

Research Development Image

HMRC Research and Development Tax Relief for Small Businesses – Find out more here.

A new service from HMRC to help small to medium enterprises claim tax relief for research and development has been declared a good idea by tax …