Tax Man is a longstanding term denoting a collector of taxes. The word can also be used with no spaces as ‘taxman’.


Boo! Don’t be spooked by Your Taxes this Halloween

We love the thrill of being scared and startled by ghosts, witches, and vampires, especially at Halloween. While many enjoy the fear and excitement associated with this horror-filled holiday, don’t let your taxes and financial future bring such a fright

Tax Return Cancellation – No More Tax Returns? Let’s Party!

Tax return cancellation prospect: Chancellor George Osborne announced last week that he was planning to scrap the annual tax return to simplify the process of paying tax for thousands of self-employed workers. While anything that purports to simplify an HMRC

HMRC to Shut Down All Enquiry Centres

All 281 of HMRC’s enquiry centres are to close by 2014.

The centres give face to face advice to around two and a half million tax payers and their closures will affect 1,300 jobs.

A flexible telephone service is to

Is the Taxman Strapped for Cash?

You may have seen some stories in the news this week that HMRC have scaled back their winding up orders in recent months, with experts declaring the reason to be lack of cash to pay for insolvency services, as opposed

The Steedman Column – A Tax Stuffing

While Tracy Emin, one of the leading lights of the Brit-Art movement reportedly quit the country in early 2009, with the famous quote “Stuff your 50% tax, I’m taking my tent to France” and thousands of celebrities, footballers, and hedge

The Big Tax Debate

The Big Tax Debate – Ricky Steedman on the panel at the Edinburgh University “Bollocks to Poverty Society” Big Tax Debate, 7th November 2012, The Teviot Dining Room.

I was asked to join the panel in this student debate on

Tax Avoiders to be Named and Shamed

Wealthy people who use aggressive tax avoidance schemes will be “named and shamed” under plans by Treasury Minister David Gauke.

Companies that set up complicated tax schemes for clients could be fined if they fail to reveal those who are

Tax Helpline – A Quarter of Tax Helpline Calls Go Unanswered

Tax helpline – around a quarter of all taxpayers calls to HMRC help lines go answered, with no guidelines being in place to advise callers how long they may have to wait.

Exchequer secretary David Gauke said that HMRC did

Ricky Steedman Involved in Debate Over Committee’s HMRC Report with Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP

Public accounting, Edinburgh, mid January. Ricky Steedman was contacted by the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP to express her gratitude for his involvement in the debate over the Committee’s Public Accounts HMRC Report which has been looking into concerns over …

HMRC Skills Development Criticised

The tax office is unaware how it is spending money on training and development, the National Audit Office (NAO) has said.

A report has found that £96 million was spent on skills training in 2010/11 but very little of that …