Boo! Don’t be spooked by Your Taxes this Halloween

Boo! Don’t be spooked by Your Taxes this Halloween

We love the thrill of being scared and startled by ghosts, witches, and vampires, especially at Halloween. While many enjoy the fear and excitement associated with this horror-filled holiday, don’t let your taxes and financial future bring such a fright this Halloween.

Let’s face our financial ghosts during this spooky season!

Dealing with taxes can make our hands shake, metaphorically speaking, and what doesn’t scare one person is bound to unnerve another.

Some people confess to being too frightened to open their letters from HMRC; others put off doing their tax returns because they are just one headache of a mess. Taxes are for many a haunting and shadowy prospect – but not anymore.

Follow these simple steps and with a little professional help from us, you’ll be on top of your taxes in no time!

  • Get educated.  The more you know about a subject, the less daunting it becomes.  This principle holds true with personal taxation, which many people see as a complicated financial activity fraught with uncertainty and danger. Speak to one of our tax consultants and you’ll be armed with the key facts in no time.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Some financial tasks get scarier the longer we avoid them. Establish a routine for reviewing your personal and business finances, keep a calendar with key dates and deadlines and before you know it you’ll be back on track to a brighter future
  • Plan for the unexpected.  Having money set aside for emergencies such as job loss or a medical crisis is generally advised, while it won’t necessarily prevent what you fear most from happening, but it will enable you to survive those events.
  • Don’t go it alone.  The tax world can be a dark and murky place to the uninitiated when you have an experienced and trusted companion at your side. You will be prepared to deal with the most complex challenges.

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Ricky Steedman

Ricky worked as an Investigator in the Inland Revenue for over 20 years before founding Steedman & Company in 1987, giving him the experience and knowledge that enabled him to help so many clients over the years.

His appearance on a Channel 4 television programme about the inside workings of Revenue and Customs was watched by 4.1m which sealed his status as one of the most highly respected tax consultants to ever work in Scotland.

Ricky led all tax investigation and COP 9 cases, using his extensive knowledge to help people reach a positive resolution to their situation.

Ricky passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in June 2022 after leaving his indelible mark on the company he founded and headed for over 35 years.