A dispute in terms of taxation may mean any dispute, information request, examination, appeal, litigation, audit or investigation over information contained within a Tax Return.


Accelerated Payment Regime

Accelerated Payment Regime / Tax Avoidance Schemes / Code Of Practice 9 advice

With the accelerated payment scheme now brought in by HMRC this may be a good time for clients who have concealed income offshore or have been party

Subway Defeated in VAT Tribunal

Sandwich chain bar Subway has been defeated in a first tier tribunal regarding HMRC’s VAT policy on hot food.

Around 1200 Subway outlets across the UK have been waiting on the verdict of the appeal, which was based upon whether

HMRC Crackdown on the Fashion Industry

HMRC crackdown on the fashion industry – Read about it below in our article.

Fashion companies who use unpaid interns not being paid the national minimum wage will be targeted by HMRC.

A 12 person task force will make unannounced …

PAYE Penalty Notices to be Sent In-Year

HMRC is planning to send penalty notices for late or missing monthly tax payments within the tax year as opposed to after April 19, which its current policy.

Many people have criticized the current regime for punishing employers by not …

Tax Office Retargets Doctors and Dentists

HMRC are to send letters to medics and dentists this week in the next phase of its Tax Health Plan, which was originally launched in 2008 as an amnesty to unpaid tax.

This week though the 2,500 letters to be …

HMRC Compliance Visit Workshop

HMRC’s SCP (Single Compliance Process) for submitting enquiries were recently changed to allow for issues to be dealt with in shorter time frames but many have struggled with the new system. Although it is more open and simplistic in it’s …

Reasonable Excuse Changes at HMRC

A rewrite of reasonable doubt policy for the late filing of self assessment tax returns seems imminent following a the opinion of a judge who may have influenced the HMRC stance on penalties. Having been heavily told off by the …

£900 Million Tax Crackdown Planned

£900 million will be spent by the Treasury in an attempt to clampdown on tax evasion, chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has revealed.

In a move that seeks determined action against tax evasion, the aim is for a …