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Brexit Article

Brexit impact has been a hot topic of debate in our offices over the last several months. We have been asking what effect, if any, that Brexit will have on us as professional accountants and tax advisers, as well as

The latest chancellor’s budget has been seen as one of the most divisive in recent history. The first Tory-only cabinet in 19 years has provided promises of investment and tax reliefs that are a boon for many. However cuts in

Accelerated Payment Regime

Accelerated Payment Regime / Tax Avoidance Schemes / Code Of Practice 9 advice

With the accelerated payment scheme now brought in by HMRC this may be a good time for clients who have concealed income offshore or have been party

Aside from the traditions of the red box and the chancellor having an alcoholic drink while delivering his speech, both which still stand to this day (although only one of them is usually still adopted), it can sometimes be difficult …

UK Business Optimism at Record High

Optimism that UK Business is doing the best it has done in over two decades has been bolstered by a new survey by Lloyds. The research has shown that belief has surged over the past few months throughout the UK

Surprise July Deficit Comes as Blow to UK Government

The UK’s public sector recorded an unexpected deficit in July.

Public sector net borrowing totaled £62 million, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Even though the deficit was relatively low, it has been normal for July to be

Growth in UK Manufacturing

In June of this year UK manufacturing showed its strongest growth in two years. This appears to have boosted many people’s hopes of an economic recovery. The purchasing managers’ index (PMI) was 52.5 last month, which is a strong indication

Eurozone Unemployment Rises to Record High

This April the Eurozone unemployment rate stood at 12.2% and more than 95,000 new people were out of work and the 17 countries using the Euro had a total of 19.38 million unemployed persons with both Greece and Spain having

Corporate Tax Avoidance Action Sought at EU Summit by David Cameron

EU leaders have been urged to help take action on extreme corporate tax avoidance schemes by large corporations at the latest EU summit. Although such practices are entirely legal in nature David Cameron is seeking to point out in Brussels

Recession Double Dip Avoided by UK?

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) has questioned the extent of the recession double dip which was reported to a wide extent in 2012. Now it appears the construction industry shrank in the first quarter but not by as much