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orking with our associates, including one of the world’s leading accountancy firms, and former officers of HMRC, as well as regularly meeting serving Revenue personnel at seminars and in our daily dealings in taxation, we are well placed to advise on a huge range of tax planning matters. If you need advice talk to one of our dedicated tax consultants today.

Recently we entered into complex R & D claims for a microwave technology company and also advised on specialist business restructuring for a leading company involved in the food and leisure industry. We also help professional sportsmen to maximise the tax advantages available to them when young and fit, so that they can hope to have a more comfortable lifestyle when no longer able to continue playing.

We have also recently assisted foreign nationals to set up businesses properly in the UK rather than relying on advice from their compatriots as we see this as a growing business area on which to focus.

Hand in hand with that goes our continuing involvement with established foreigners living in the UK and working in the oil, and travel and tourism sectors where we have the pleasure of dealing with Eastern European nationals from Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia, as well as our long established association with the Asian communities in the North of England and Scotland.

We also take enormous pleasure in dealing with a few clients living and working in their own businesses in the USA, South America and the channel islands but nevertheless filing UK tax returns to cover non-residential tax matters. To find out more about global mobility click here.

Find out more about specific areas of tax planning such as Income TaxTax LiabilityCorporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

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