Business is one of the principle activities of citizens living in a society in which people are employed, employ others, produce products and deliver services.  Phew, that’s the technical definition of business anyway. Our vast experience in helping businesses and individuals operate their businesses on a day-to-day basis has given us some valuable experience and awareness which we like to share in our news area.

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Business Posts

Brexit Tax

Despite the Brexit mess non-residence for tax purposes is becoming more popular than ever.

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Gig Economy

The gig economy probably existed before William Pitt introduced Income Tax in 1798 and gradually 

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Brexit Article

Brexit impact has been a hot topic of debate in our offices over the last several months. We have been asking what affect, if any, that Brexit will have on us as professional accountants and tax advisers.

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The latest chancellor’s budget has been seen as one of the most divisive in recent history. The first Tory-only cabinet in 19 years has provided promises of investment and tax reliefs that are a boon

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Are You Being Forced Onto The Cloud?

The Cloud accounting software industry is enjoying a moment in the sunshine, with numerous systems available to all, from the freeware Quickfile and Waveapps, to the more sophisticated Xero and Sage One, to the accountancy practice-subscribed offerings of Freeagent.

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Why Keeping it in the Family is Sound Business

There are more than three million family businesses in Britain including household names such as Dyson, Clarks and Stagecoach according to the Institute for Family Business.

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Aside from the traditions of the red box and the chancellor having an alcoholic drink while delivering his speech, both which still stand to this day (although only one of them is usually still adopted),

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Banks Willing to Lend More to Small Firms

According to the BBA (British Banker's Association) banks are ready to lend small businesses cash. It has emerged during a recent campaign by the industry group to promote small business lending trends that the majority of loans are now being approved.

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UK Business Optimism at Record High

Optimism that UK Business is doing the best it has done in over two decades has been bolstered by a new survey by Lloyds. The research has shown that belief has surged over the past few months throughout the UK and in the vast majority of sectors. More studies have highlighted even more growth in the areas of export and investment over the coming year which is a good reason to start feeling good that things are finally improving.

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Surprise July Deficit Comes as Blow to UK Government

The UK’s public sector recorded an unexpected deficit in July. Public sector net borrowing totaled £62 million, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

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