HMRC (or HM Revenue & Customs) is the UK Government’s non-ministerial department for for the collection of taxes. As tax accountants Steedman and Company have a long history of dealing with HMRC. In fact our expert tax advisors are ex-HMRC tax investigators themselves.


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Job Retention Scheme HMRC Steedman Scotland Featured Image

HMRC hunt down coronavirus claim cheats who are being given 30 days to “fess up”.

HMRC, entrusted with doling out the £27 billion worth of grants and funding under the Job Retention Scheme and Self-Employment Income Support Scheme are well …

HMRC Login Infographic Steedman Edinburgh Accountants

Latest update: 28 May 2020

HMRCLogin Infographic Steedman Accountant Edinburgh

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HMRC play the game of hide and seek using their Worldwide Disclosure Facility as overseas exercises gather pace.

Recent news stories about HMRC working with foreign tax authorities and my recent article on an Aussie couple contacting me for help …

UK Tax Loan Scheme Pilots

Following on from my article on Ryanair and the pilots loan schemes the chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Loan Charge group Jim Harra, has now told campaigners that “tax officials were breaking the rule of law” in sending out …

Tax Avoidance Schemes

The revelations that Ryanair pilots have become embroiled in tax avoidance schemes are just the latest in a long line of workers who signed up to be paid part of their salary through loan schemes which allowed them to take …

Gig Economy

The gig economy probably existed before William Pitt introduced Income Tax in 1798 and gradually evolved from musicians travelling around doing gigs to the present day enigma termed ‘the gig economy’.

Now with The Revenue’s spyware and a record number

How Does IR35 Affect My Business?

Are you affected by IR35 tax legislation? If so it is important to know the rules. IR35 is a set of rules concerning tax and National Insurance contributions if you work through an intermediary via a contract. This can be

Flat Rate Scheme

Now that the mad rush is over for another year we can all take time to reflect on what has been a successful period not just for Steedman & Company, but also for Edinburgh as a whole.

As we have

Accelerated Payment Regime

Accelerated Payment Regime / Tax Avoidance Schemes / Code Of Practice 9 advice

With the accelerated payment scheme now brought in by HMRC this may be a good time for clients who have concealed income offshore or have been party