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Recession Double Dip Avoided by UK?

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) has questioned the extent of the recession double dip which was reported to a wide extent in 2012. Now it appears the construction industry shrank in the first quarter but not by as much

UK Back in Recession

UK Recession has returned after the economy shrunk by 0.2 percent in the first three months of 2012.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the contraction was caused by a sharp fall in construction output.

BBC economics editor Stephanie

Inflation fell in November partly due to supermarket price wars and a strong harvest, keeping food and petrol prices in check.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that the consumer prices index fell to 4.8 percent in November, down …

Consumer Spending Drops Despite Pre Christmas Sales

New figures released today by the British Retail Consortium (MRC) have seen the poorest sales performance since May and 1.6 percent lower than the same month last year.

The BRC said that mild weather had hit winter clothing sales whilst …

Household Spending Slump

Household spending has slumped to a new two year low. The fragility of consumer spending, even before the full of effects of public spending cuts have been felt, means an imminent rise in interest rates is unlikely.

The OECD though, …

Interest Rate Rise Unlikely as Incomes Drop

Base rates are expected to remain at 0.5 percent amidst predictions that people’s spending capacity will fall for the fourth year in a year; the first time to happen since the 1870’s.

Deloitte’s economic advisor Roger Bootle says that an …

VAT Rise to Cause Inflation Increase

Inflation could rise to as much as 4.2 percent, as the VAT increase takes effect, City economists have warned. Consumer price inflation reached 3.7 percent in December. The rate of VAT increased from 17.5 percent to 20 percent on January …

Inflation Slows But Price Increases Loom

For the first time in five months, retail inflation slowed down but sharp prices hikes are expected after the new year.

Shop price inflation fell from 2.2 percent in October to 2 percent in November, with stores starting Christmas promotions …

Petrol Prices Push Inflation Up

Inflation has been pushed up to a four month high due to higher petrol prices.

The Office for National Statistics reported this morning that inflation rose to an annual rate of 3.2 percent on October. Most economists had predicted the …