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The world of accountancy moves ever-forward. Even in light of major events – such as the recent snap general election – there is little time for those running businesses to stop and take stock.

Fortunately, to help you keep up

Brexit Article

Brexit impact has been a hot topic of debate in our offices over the last several months. We have been asking what effect, if any, that Brexit will have on us as professional accountants and tax advisers, as well as

Launching Own Business

New Business Start-up Packages

Starting your own business can be a daunting task. When the initial excitement passes and the reality of what you are taking on starts to hit home, it can be enough to put some people off

Public Accounts Committee Urges Accountants Ban

The Commons Public Accounts Committee has urged a ban on external accountants inside the government in an effort to prevent taxation loopholes being passed on. HMRC is thus pitted against the seemingly over-powering strength of the large accountancy firms who

Parliamentary Hearing on Tax Avoidance with the Big Four

Following an exchange of emails I had last year with the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP on the issues addressed by the Public Accounts Committee of HMRC and multinational business tax avoidance, I was delighted to receive another email from

Firms Advised to Update Business Records to Avoid Penalties

Businesses are being urged to keep all their records up to date following news that HMRC charged a large penalty to a company who had failed to notify them of a change of name.

This has motivated the Forum of

The HMRC Public Accounts Committee has been attacked by a committee of MPs for the way they have allowed some big businesses to settle their tax bills.

The Public Accounts Committee aired “serious concerns” about how some large settlements had …

More British Firms Face Financial Trouble

The number of British businesses with financial problems is on the increase, according to a report by. insolvency practitioners Begbie Traynor.

They have revealed that 147,836 firms got into trouble in the final three months of 2010, a 4 percent …