Launching Own Business

New Business Start-up Packages

Starting your own business can be a daunting task. When the initial excitement passes and the reality of what you are taking on starts to hit home, it can be enough to put some people off the whole idea altogether. For those who decide to plough on, getting the details sorted in the initial stages can be the difference between success and failure later on.

If you are thinking about launching your own business venture, or are part of the way there already, our team will support you all the way through from idea to launch and beyond. We will take care of the boring stuff so you can concentrate on building your success. Our business plans have been proven to succeed in securing funding and our extensive network of contacts ensures that you are only ever getting the best value in every contract you enter into.

Our packages include:

  • Business plan preparation
  • Company registration
  • VAT registration
  • Business banking set up
  • Funding and financing advice
  • Contracts and legal services
  • Payroll and employment law procedures
  • Book-keeping systems set up and training
  • Operational systems advice (Tills, software etc)
  • Business management advice and assistance
  • Website development, SEO and marketing advice

According to Harvard Business School, 95% of new businesses fail within the first year!

Be one of the 5%!

If you want to explode onto the market in a blaze of glory, give us a call on 0845 340 4222 or email us at

Ricky Steedman