Universal Credit Problems with Online Usage

Universal Credit has been cited as the solution to deal with all benefit claims but the plan to focus the system towards an online portal has been met with difficulties. Primarily, as with any real-world service, moving the process to an online gateway relies upon people actually understanding and being able to use the platform.

A survey by Citizens Advice has found that 76% of potential users of the universal credit website would find it too hard to use and thus fallback on an offline solution.

This would clearly upset the aim of the new payment solution – which is why the survey was carried out in the first place  – but the welfare overhaul, intended to streamline the entire procedure, would be stopped in it’s track if the intended end users struggle to grasp the concept.

Only 24% of those surveyed say they could apply online with no issues while 39% admitted they wouldn’t be able to use the site at all.

Also, somewhat surprisingly, a third of people claimed to have never used the internet in any form before.

Clearly the positive impact of the internet for such tasks is undeniable but there must exist a support network for all those who will be unable, or unwilling, to learn how to use the new system when it comes to universal credit and working tax credits.

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