Ricky Steedman Involved in Debate Over Committee’s HMRC Report with Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP

Public accounting, Edinburgh, mid January. Ricky Steedman was contacted by the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP to express her gratitude for his involvement in the debate over the Committee’s Public Accounts HMRC Report which has been looking into concerns over how the Department refuses to disclose taxpayer information which prevents proper scrutiny of the process for reaching tax settlements with large companies.

Hodge told Ricky that the conclusion is “The evidence of the Department’s senior officials fails to give us any confidence in the way large settlements are reached.”

She also pointed out that a lively debate has begun over how HMRC handles its business and expressed her thanks for Ricky’s contribution. Ricky’s concerns have now been circulated by her to all members of the Committee so that they can consider his evidence.