UK Tax Evaders Targeted by G7

UK Tax Evaders Targeted by G7

UK tax evaders have been warned that there is a combined effort aimed at them and other industrialised nations who are part of the G7 group. Tax evasion in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, France and Italy has been blamed for financial doom and gloom along with the practices of big banks.

Unity across the globe in tackling the non payment of due taxes was a key theme in the talks in which chancellor George Osborne also raised the issue of large firms moving their profits to tax havens.

The overall aim is more openness and sharing between countries and in particular countries where low taxes exist such as Luxembourg. The G7 enjoys considerable influence in these matters despite a robust and forefront power coming from the G20 group of nations.

Ricky Steedman

Ricky worked as an Investigator in the Inland Revenue for over 20 years before founding Steedman & Company in 1987, giving him the experience and knowledge that enabled him to help so many clients over the years.

His appearance on a Channel 4 television programme about the inside workings of Revenue and Customs was watched by 4.1m which sealed his status as one of the most highly respected tax consultants to ever work in Scotland.

Ricky led all tax investigation and COP 9 cases, using his extensive knowledge to help people reach a positive resolution to their situation.

Ricky passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in June 2022 after leaving his indelible mark on the company he founded and headed for over 35 years.