Tax avoidance refers to using the tax regime in a particular country to lower the amount of tax an operation must pay. One example of tax avoidance may be the film industry where certain projects are carried out in different territories.


Tax Avoidance Schemes

The revelations that Ryanair pilots have become embroiled in tax avoidance schemes are just the latest in a long line of workers who signed up to be paid part of their salary through loan schemes which allowed them to take …

Football Agent Tax

Football clubs are increasingly under scrutiny for the paying arrangements to agents and the latest one in such trouble is a famous London club.

HMRC are currently looking into the financial affairs of 44 English league clubs, over 200

How Does IR35 Affect My Business?

Are you affected by IR35 tax legislation? If so it is important to know the rules. IR35 is a set of rules concerning tax and National Insurance contributions if you work through an intermediary via a contract. This can be

Accelerated Payment Regime

Accelerated Payment Regime / Tax Avoidance Schemes / Code Of Practice 9 advice

With the accelerated payment scheme now brought in by HMRC this may be a good time for clients who have concealed income offshore or have been party

Extra Penalties For Hiding Assets Offshore

At the moment those who fail to tell the taxman about inherited offshore assets are treated equally to those who fail to disclose domestic assets. However new penalties of up to 200% of tax due will be introduced in the

Overseas Tax Minefield

If you are looking to expand your business overseas or just need help understanding the complex tax arrangements that apply to foreign income e.g. remittance basis, then you have come to the right place. Steedman & Company offer over 25

Corporate Tax Avoidance Action Sought at EU Summit by David Cameron

EU leaders have been urged to help take action on extreme corporate tax avoidance schemes by large corporations at the latest EU summit. Although such practices are entirely legal in nature David Cameron is seeking to point out in Brussels

UK Tax Evaders Targeted by G7

UK tax evaders have been warned that there is a combined effort aimed at them and other industrialised nations who are part of the G7 group. Tax evasion in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, France and Italy has been

Top Ten Celebrity Tax Scandals

“Only the little people pay taxes” – Leona Helmsley

Whilst there are many more to choose from, these are some of the most high profile tax scandals we have seen and reflect a good range of circumstances, from crafty dealings

Parliamentary Hearing on Tax Avoidance with the Big Four

Following an exchange of emails I had last year with the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP on the issues addressed by the Public Accounts Committee of HMRC and multinational business tax avoidance, I was delighted to receive another email from