Tax law essentially means the government’s right to draw taxes from tax payers. This usually takes the form of taxes on income and assets.


UK Tax Loan Scheme Pilots

Following on from my article on Ryanair and the pilots loan schemes the chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Loan Charge group Jim Harra, has now told campaigners that “tax officials were breaking the rule of law” in sending out …

Football Agent Tax

Football clubs are increasingly under scrutiny for the paying arrangements to agents and the latest one in such trouble is a famous London club.

HMRC are currently looking into the financial affairs of 44 English league clubs, over 200

COP9 Letter from HMRC

Evidence is mounting that HMRC may be planning a new Connect spyware assisted series of enquiries into individuals with large private wealth in the UK.

Individuals likely to be identified as tax evaders, are those living in areas with the

A Tax Stuffing

It seems appropriate when we are about to enter the season of over-indulgence to review one’s business practices and perhaps review your own coming potential tax liabilities to minimise the chances of getting a stuffing from the tax authorities this

Overseas Tax Minefield

If you are looking to expand your business overseas or just need help understanding the complex tax arrangements that apply to foreign income e.g. remittance basis, then you have come to the right place. Steedman & Company offer over 25

Rangers Win Big Tax Case against HMRC

The old Rangers Football Club, currently in liquidation, has won an appeal against HMRC over its use of Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT’s).

Between 20001 and 2010, the club made payments to players and staff totalling £47.65 million to players and

Rules to Change for Underpaid Tax

Taxpayers will no longer have underpayments written off for the reason that they had no reasonable way of knowing they had paid too little tax.

Last year 41,766 people had £54 million of underpaid National Insurance and Income Tax written

The HMRC Public Accounts Committee has been attacked by a committee of MPs for the way they have allowed some big businesses to settle their tax bills.

The Public Accounts Committee aired “serious concerns” about how some large settlements had …

Cost of Tax Reforms

The government has not calculated how much money reforms to the personal tax system will cost, Exchequer secretary David Gauke has said.

The government is trying to help the public understand how the tax system works and allow taxpayers the …

No Tax Cuts Within Five Years

New tax cuts are unlikely to be seen within the next five years, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has said.

In an interview with the Observer newspaper, he said: ‘I think the tax burden is necessary as a …