Tax Inspectors are HMRC’s personnel who are tasked with collecting taxes from taxpayers.


UK Tax Evaders Targeted by G7

UK tax evaders have been warned that there is a combined effort aimed at them and other industrialised nations who are part of the G7 group. Tax evasion in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, France and Italy has been

Tax Return Cancellation – No More Tax Returns? Let’s Party!

Tax return cancellation prospect: Chancellor George Osborne announced last week that he was planning to scrap the annual tax return to simplify the process of paying tax for thousands of self-employed workers. While anything that purports to simplify an HMRC

The Steedman Column – A Tax Stuffing

While Tracy Emin, one of the leading lights of the Brit-Art movement reportedly quit the country in early 2009, with the famous quote “Stuff your 50% tax, I’m taking my tent to France” and thousands of celebrities, footballers, and hedge

Wrong Tax Taken

Wrong tax – around 5 million people have either paid too much or too little tax, it has been revealed.

Approximately 3.5 million people will be notified they have overpaid their tax, with the average rebate being £379.

On top

Tax Crackdown – Tax Office Targets Builders

Builders involved in home improvement are the latest sector of workers to be targeted by HMRC in their tax crackdown campaigns.

Previous campaigns have targeted person coaches, doctors and plumbers.

The campaigns aim to motivate people to own up about

Ricky Steedman Involved in Debate Over Committee’s HMRC Report with Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP

Public accounting, Edinburgh, mid January. Ricky Steedman was contacted by the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP to express her gratitude for his involvement in the debate over the Committee’s Public Accounts HMRC Report which has been looking into concerns over …

HMRC Skills Development Criticised

The tax office is unaware how it is spending money on training and development, the National Audit Office (NAO) has said.

A report has found that £96 million was spent on skills training in 2010/11 but very little of that …

Tax Office Retargets Doctors and Dentists

HMRC are to send letters to medics and dentists this week in the next phase of its Tax Health Plan, which was originally launched in 2008 as an amnesty to unpaid tax.

This week though the 2,500 letters to be …

HMRC Paper Chase Brings Loss of Face

Half a million people have not been sent tax reminders due to HMRC running out of paper. This follows the failure to deliver self-assessment statements to another half a million in 2008 and the PAYE disaster last year which saw …

HMRC Considers Plan to Collect Tax Directly

A controversial plan by HMRC to deduct tax directly from employees bank accounting is being considered, it has emerged.

Currently, it is the obligation of employers to deduct income tax and national insurance from employees, and then pass the collected …