The Treasury – HM Treasury is the government ministry concerned with the economy and finances. The Treasury maintains control over spending and directs economic policy for the UK.


Is the Taxman Strapped for Cash?

You may have seen some stories in the news this week that HMRC have scaled back their winding up orders in recent months, with experts declaring the reason to be lack of cash to pay for insolvency services, as opposed

Written off Tax – Treasury Unaware of Written off Tax

Written off tax – £10.9 billion of unpaid tax was written off in 2009/2010 by HMRC, without the Treasury being aware this was the case until now.

The loss of revenue has been caused by cutting criminal negligence claims.

The …

Treasury Loses out on £16 billion of Unpaid Tax

Up to £16 billion of unpaid tax has been missed by the Treasury according to a new in depth report. More than half a million companies disappeared last year without paying any tax and in most cases not filing accounting.…

Government Boosted By Bumper Tax Receipts

The biggest government financial surplus for more than 2 years has been recorded as healthy income tax receipts last month swelled the treasury’s coffers.

The figures were better than the City had predicted and put the government on course to …

£900 Million Tax Crackdown Planned

£900 million will be spent by the Treasury in an attempt to clampdown on tax evasion, chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has revealed.

In a move that seeks determined action against tax evasion, the aim is for a …

Pre Budget Report to be Axed

The pre-Budget report (PBR) will be done away with by Chancellor George Osborne in a move that will return economic policy to the way it was prior to Gordon Brown’s era.

The decision to scrap what had become a second …

Treasury Staff To Be Cut

The Treasury is planning to cut staff numbers by a quarter as the Chancellor George Osborne seeks to roll back his department in line with sweeping cuts across the board.

He wants to reduce Treasury staff members from 1350 to …