Payroll and Pensions


iling accurate and efficient payroll with HMRC and the Pensions regulator is a major requirement of any business.  Whether it be weekly or monthly reporting you need to get it right so your employees have faith in their employer.

Payroll and pensions can take up a huge amount of time for someone without the software or knowledge and it’s a minefield of acronyms.  We take care of your PAYE; NIC; CIS; YTD, FPS, RTI.

How we can help?

Our payroll team are experts in payroll systems and calculations. Through the quagmire of holidays, sick pay, pensions, maternity, overtime, leavers, joiners etc, what seems like a simple process on the surface can very quickly overwhelm even the smallest business and this is one area where we find our outsourced payroll service can really add value to a business.

  • We take your information on a weekly / monthly basis.
  • We handle the tax calculations.
  • We produce your employees’ payslips.
  • We tell you how much PAYE you have to pay through the Real Time PAYE system.
  • We produce P45, P46, P60 and all other official forms.
  • We keep you abreast with all legislative developments.
  • We provide expert general advice on any questions you have on employment law.
  • We operate a fixed fee per payslip charging system with no extra fees for advice.

Talk to one of our expert payroll consultants today for fast help.

I switched to Steedman & Company two years into running my own business as I was suffering from some common new business issues, e.g. credit control, and I liked their no-nonsense approach to tackling problems. They’ve been vital in turning my business into a success and are always one step ahead of me.

Stephen Mathieson Edinburgh

Payroll and Pensions Steedman Advisors Edinburgh