Start-ups and Entrepreneurial Growth


hether bringing an idea to fruition, commercialising a research project or opening a café, launching a new business can require an overwhelming amount of effort, perseverance and, most importantly, cash. The pressures of navigating the various structure and strategy decisions, understanding compliance responsibilities, accessing financing opportunities and working out the best way of keeping track of everything can be eased a lot by engaging with advisors who understand the struggle, the process, the pitfalls and the wins, and can connect you to the best support network from the start.

Investment and funding

There are numerous ways to finance a new business, from self-funding, borrowing from friends and family, applying for grants, loans and overdrafts, through to securing external equity investment and beyond. Cash is the key and accessing it from all available sources can become the main focus of attention for many entrepreneurs.  When it comes to exploring the market, assessing options, making decisions and signing agreements, it’s important to have the right advice alongside you to ensure you are making the most of all opportunities available. 

Compliance support

The least interesting but most important aspect of running a company or sole trader business, filing PAYE submissions, VAT returns, annual accounts and tax returns can feel like a tedious task and expense, however having all this taken care of correctly from day one not only keeps the business free of unnecessary late filing penalties but is also a basis for other vital aspects of financial management such as regular reporting and cash flow forecasting, not to mention the potential VAT rebates that many early stage businesses can find to be a vital source of working capital. 


When your business is at the stage of seeking an equity investor, EIS and SEIS status can be a major benefit due to the various tax reliefs available to the investor. There are strict processes to follow to gain HMRC approval and produce the necessary documentation and we can help you understand the process from start to finish, including completing the necessary applications and declarations. 

Finance director

Once your business reaches a certain point, you may be considering the need for an internal role tasked with managing the finances. We always encourage as much internal financial data management as possible, mainly because it gives the business owner a clear picture of their company’s financial health, but with the vast array of cost effective technology available, the focus is mostly on automating as much as possible. Our virtual finance director service will provide you with the technical expertise you require in a cost effective manner.

Research & Development

Research and Development tax credits are a government incentive to assist businesses involved in innovative projects to reduce their corporation tax liabilities and, if loss making, to receive tax rebates. Specialist advice is required to assess the qualifying expenditure, write the project reports and complete the financial computations. 

Start-Ups Business Advice Steedman UK


usiness start-ups are all about turning your vision into a reality. We can help you take the first steps with our New Start Packages, help with company formations and business planning as you go forward and guide you through more complicated aspects of operating your business such as choosing accounting systems and how to go about business marketing.

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