Accounting Systems


hichever system you use, we will work with you to develop the most efficient accounting software and procedures to capture your data. Because we work with most of the online accounting systems, as well as the more traditional software packages, you can continue to work in your normal way knowing that we are able to securely capture your data on a timely basis.

I switched to Steedman & Company two years into running my own business as I was suffering from some common new business issues, e.g. credit control, and I liked their no-nonsense approach to tackling problems. They’ve been vital in turning my business into a success and are always one step ahead of me.

Stephen Mathieson Edinburgh


Perhaps you do not currently have an electronic bookkeeping system and are thinking about moving to a more computerised way of running your business. We will advise you on the best software to suit your needs and provide support and training along the way.

From the outset of my business, Steedman and Co have been a great support whenever I call on them.

Eric Davidson Edinburgh

Accounting Systems Steedman Edinburgh