Self Employed means working for yourself which can mean being set up as a Sole Trader for tax purposes. As a firm helping individuals and small businesses for decades we are well placed to offer help and advice for the self employed.


How Does IR35 Affect My Business?

Are you affected by IR35 tax legislation? If so it is important to know the rules. IR35 is a set of rules concerning tax and National Insurance contributions if you work through an intermediary via a contract. This can be

Register Self Employment
There are a number of reasons you may need to register for HMRC Self-Assessment, even if you are full time employed. If you know you do, or if you are not sure whether you do or not, give us a

One of the most common questions we get asked by our self-employed clients is “Am I allowed to claim such-and-such as a business expense?” There are large lists of what is and what is not allowed but we have noted …

Tax Returns Deadline Catch Up – 15th October 2013 Are you behind with your tax returns? Put it aside for a few years and not got round to dealing with it yet? Well, HMRC are offering a quick and

Launching Own Business

New Business Start-up Packages

Starting your own business can be a daunting task. When the initial excitement passes and the reality of what you are taking on starts to hit home, it can be enough to put some people off

New Book-Keeping Help for Taxi Drivers

Find out about our new bookkeeping help for taxi drivers booklet. We sent this as an email which you may have received but incase you didn’t you can request a copy. Need any further help? Just call us.

How to Keep Records for the Self Employed

We found this quick but fairly in-depth guide aimed at self employed business owners about how to set-up a successful record-keeping system for VAT.

Guiding you through some of the basic steps involved, length of time to keep records for

Self Employed to Benefit from Pension Shake Up

Self employed people could be amongst the winners of the government’s new single tier pension.

The white paper details plans to change the current £107.45 basic pension with various tops up, to a flat rate of £144 from 2017 at

Wealthy Migrants Welcomed to UK

Wealthy foreigners are being encouraged to migrate to the UK in an effort to make Britain a desirable destination for rich migrants.

After a move to restrict the number of non EU workers coming to live in the UK, home …

Record Number of Self Employed Helps Keep Unemployment Down

An increase in the number of self employed people has contributed to an unexpected fall in UK unemployment last month, giving hopes that the labour market may be in a healthier condition than feared.

The number of people in part …