HMRC Paper Chase Brings Loss of Face

Half a million people have not been sent tax reminders due to HMRC running out of paper. This follows the failure to deliver self-assessment statements to another half a million in 2008 and the PAYE disaster last year which saw 6 million people pay the wrong amount of tax.

Usually a computer system is the culprit although this time the issue is too many self-assessment statements needing to be sent out. This national problem is compounded by further deficiencies such as unanswered calls, exclusion of non-internet users and post being ignored.

Clearly this wont do. Since the population pay their taxes on time for the most part trust must be maintained but it seems as if the current system is woefully wanting. The Treasury Committee has even now filed a report about these disturbing findings.

The management must be held responsible and in particular Dame Lesley Strathie so that this mess can be sorted out as quickly as possible.