Tax Office Staff to Strike

HMRC staff are going on a strike this week as a protest against policy on sick pay.

The PCS union is calling on its 50,000 members to walkout at 16:00 on June 7, with members to come in to work late at 10:00 the following day and taking two hours for lunch.

Changes in policy have meant that HMRC staff taking more than five days sick pay or being absent on more than three occasions could face disciplinary action.

A PCS spokesman said: This action is being taken in protest against HMRC policies which will see administrative action – which can lead to dismissal – being taken against staff if they take more than five days’ sick leave.

“It is vital that wherever possible members support this action, as it will send a clear message to HMRC that we will not allow them to continue to erode our terms and conditions.”

Ricky Steedman
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