Tax for high earners can offer up some further particularities and complications. Read our posts to learn about tax for high earners.


Buy to Lexit

The great British buy to let market has been a mainstay of middle class wealth for decades. It has been a safe haven for excess funds; an easy to understand, accessible, liquid asset class which has seen thousands build up

Rules to Change for Underpaid Tax

Taxpayers will no longer have underpayments written off for the reason that they had no reasonable way of knowing they had paid too little tax.

Last year 41,766 people had £54 million of underpaid National Insurance and Income Tax written

Government Philanthropy Giving Millions in Charity to Arts

Government matches philanthropy funding for £8m investment in museums and galleries.

Museums and galleries across England will be able to bid for a slice of £8 million joint philanthropic and Government funding to improve displays, increase access and enhance public …

High Tax Awaits High Earners

Nearly a million people face soaring rates of tax as the government’s deficit reduction plan continues this spring.

James Brownie of the IFS warns that the number of high earners could continue to grow as a result of the Conservative’s …

Wealthy Migrants Welcomed to UK

Wealthy foreigners are being encouraged to migrate to the UK in an effort to make Britain a desirable destination for rich migrants.

After a move to restrict the number of non EU workers coming to live in the UK, home …

Record Number of Self Employed Helps Keep Unemployment Down

An increase in the number of self employed people has contributed to an unexpected fall in UK unemployment last month, giving hopes that the labour market may be in a healthier condition than feared.

The number of people in part …