PAYE Chaos May Encourage Scam Emails

PAYE Chaos

Fraudsters could try to take advantage of the PAYE tax blunder that resulted in millions of tax payers paying the wrong amount of tax, HMRC has warned.

There have been previous fraudulent campaigns which have seen emails sent with HMRC logos on them, claiming to be offering tax rebates. And now, in the light of mass chaos within the PAYE system, it is expected that many tax payers will be approached with bogus emails asking for personal bank details.

An HMRC spokesman said: “There could be an upsurge of scam emails in the light of the repayments we are making”

HMRC does not send emails to individual taxpayers and so anyone who receives correspondence through the internet claiming to be from a tax office should immediately disregard it.

A typical bogus email may ask a recipient to fill out a form that includes bank account details or click on a link that could pose a threat to the security of their computer.

Legitimate MHRC correspondence regarding rebates will come in the form of a letter delivered by post called a P800.

Ricky Steedman

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